Zweiter Soundtrack zur 6. Staffel

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Gestern, am 11. Oktober 2010, erschien ohne Ankündigung ein weiterer Soundtrack zur 6. Staffel, der die Musik aus den letzten vier Episoden enthält. Dieser Soundtrack, der zwei CDs enthält, ist limitiert auf eine Anzahl von 5000 Kopien.

LOST: The Last Episodes
Original Television Soundtrack

Music Composed by Michael Giacchino

LOST's final season contained just too much great music from Michael Giacchino for a single or even a double CD to suffice. It was clear at the recording session for the series finale that our treatment of this historic television saga demanded an unprecedented final soundtrack release. In total we have chronicled LOST's final season with not one or two or even three CDs full of music, but a full 4 discs, featuring five hours of music! Lost: The Last Episodes now joins our previously released Lost: The Final Season to conclude our presentation of music from LOST's final sixteen episodes.

CD 1 of LOST: The Last Episodes features music from The Candidate, Across The Sea and What They Died For. Disc 2 is devoted solely to the epic and emotional concluding episode, The End. And that brings our LOST soundtrack series to a whopping ten discs! Bravo to Michael Giacchino and congratulations to J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Bryan Burk and the entire LOST team! And thank you to all the LOST fans who have been part of this epic journey since Varèse Sarabande's Season 1 album. We are thrilled to offer this very special release to bring LOST's musical story to a moving and poignant end.

LOST Season 6 was released on DVD and BluRay from ABC Home Video on August 24.

Varèse Sarabande Catalog #: 302 064 207 2

CD 1 - 3. Sub-Primed
CD 1 - 6. Across the Sea
CD 2 - 1. Parallelocam
CD 2 - 11. Our Lady of Perpetual Labor
CD 2 - 19. The Hole Shabang
CD 2 - 20. Aloha

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