In einem Interview gab Carlton Cuse bekannt, dass das Serienfinale ganze drei Stunden lang sein wird. Der Haken an der Sache ist jedoch, dass jene Episoden auf zwei Wochen verteilt werden.

Da die erste Episode ebenfalls in Teil 1 und 2 aufgeteilt wird, gibt es demnach also noch 13 normale Folgen.

Hier das Interview:

Will 18 hours be enough for the last season? (By the way, Season 6 will consist of a two-hour season premiere, 13 episodes and three-hour series finale that will air over two weeks — but as Cuse joked, “I’m sure the network will sell it as a six-part finale if they can.”) Cuse: “For us, [18 hours] is just about right. I mean, we aren’t sitting here feeling like, ‘Oh my God, we need a ton more hours to tell the rest of our story.’ It feels like it’s going to work out just fine. It will have been the right length.”

[...] “Lost” executive producer and frequent director Jack Bender will direct the series finale. “He’s definitely directing it. He’s been such a humungous part of the show and he’s our third partner in Hawaii. You know there wouldn’t be anybody else to do it besides him,” Cuse said.

[...] Cuse on their approach to the final season and the finale: “All we can do is trust our guts, which is kind of where we’ve been from the beginning. We started the show sitting in my office every morning, having breakfast, talking about what we thought was cool and whatever we both would get excited about would go into the show. That’s how we’ve approached it [all along] and that’s how we approached it at the end. So, our barometer can only be: Does this ending feel satisfying to us and to the other writers? And if we can achieve that, we feel like we will have done what we can do and what we should do.”

Quelle: Chicago Tribune, via SL-Lost


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